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Flexible Services

Our Skoda Superb not only looks great, with a driver attired as befits your special day, it has the legroom that a Bride needs for a relaxing drive to the church.

And the luggage space to get you and your honeymoon gear off to your hotel or the airport without fuss!

As you work through your wedding planning, talk to us.

We can provide half or full day services for anything you desire that will enhance your wedding day and the lead up to the ceremony.

Wedding guests can be picked up from Sydney or we can ferry them from local hotels to the church or other ceremonial venue, then pick up the Bride.

Following the ceremony we can drive the Bride and Groom to the reception, do your getaway afterwards and perhaps spirit you off to the airport for your honeymoon.

Our services include actively liaising with your chosen photographer and wedding organiser to ensure that your day goes exactly as it is planned.